Leanne Christie

As Autumn Begins...

A very surreal year for us all, though we tend to adapt very quickly and we all yearn to see the sunshine through the clouds and keep positive.

I'm asked continually: 'How's the painting going?', which is understandable, especially in the early weeks and months when there was so much uncertainty. Thankfully, I'm relieved to say, that I've never been busier. Clients are asking for larger paintings and people are willing to spend that little bit extra to get exactly what the want.

During lockdown people have been more confined to their homes, where time and awareness sheds a spotlight on how our homes can be improved. People are investing more in their surroundings and beautifying what they can to make their homes places where they want to spend time.

Just wanted to say a big thank-you to everyone that's continued to support, not just myself, but the art industry in general, you've made us see more sunshine than rain.

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